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The first AI cryptocurrency token build with AstropepeX that launched on AVAX


  • How did CNAF came to live?
    We used the idea to create a token based on Chuck Norris and asked what he could do for us. 5 minutes later CNAF was born!
  • Is LP locked?
    Yes, we started with a 75% lock of LP. UNCX The reason for the 75% lock is that we still have 25% available for marketing etc. if we use some of the 25% it's like a sort of burn and increase the overall lock of 75%, current LP is at +77% lock
  • Is the contract Renounced?
    Yes it is. Check here for proof
  • Where can I buy CNAF?
    You can buy this at Trader Joe's or on the site with the Dexswap Aggregator below

Chuck Norris was too busy with roundhouse kicks,

so he called the AI ​​to develop it himself.

LP locked check UNCX

To buy this great Atomic Fist token click on the contract address above, this will take you to Trader Joe's.

Or use the DEXTswap Aggregator Widget below.

Don't have Avax? No problem, follow this link for Cross-chain swap

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